Journalism Reflection 3:How to be a Great Journalist?

By rights, this week seems to be my lucky week. After nearly two months’ hard work and four terrible or good packages, I am eventually cleared. During the past few weeks, intensive works, limited time and huge pressure made my really stressed out. And now, this week, I can eventually find temporary respite from interviewing, shooting and editing, and begin to prepare for the series of tests in KOMU.

However, the surprise of being cleared just bring me the relief and pleasure just for a while, and then, a serious question immediately occurred to me and haunted me during these days.

How to be a great journalist?

I’m not sure that in other people’s eyes, if it is weird or too ambitious to discuss this question now. I mean, I’m a student who just starts the “journalism career” since last year—with little journalistic background, lacking real-time experiences, and still learning the basic skills and techniques of being a professional journalist. I know clearly that at present, my essential task is to sharpen my professional skills, strengthen my ability to storytelling and improve my comprehensive qualities to be a journalist. But, I cannot stop thinking about that question: how to be a great journalist?

I’m pretty sure that our J-school and our education here is very prestigious and professional. I also believe that after getting through all of these tough but practical trainings here, I can be a good journalist in the future. Nevertheless, I have little confidence in myself to becoming a great journalist.

In our daily work, we are taught to be good at shooting, editing and storytelling; we are given a lot of opportunities to practice what we have learned. It is true that laying a solid foundation will be greatly helpful in our future career, but sometimes I was confused about that, are we pay too much attention to specific techniques but ignore the big picture of the people, society and even journalism.

Being a journalist is my dream since I was a little girl. With my study going into deep, I have an increasingly awareness that being a journalist is what I really want to do. To me, being a good journalist is fine, but I hope that I can achieve my goal of becoming a great journalist. As far as I am concerned, to be a great journalist, the most important thing is passion and enthusiasm. Only with a strong love for this job, can people try their best and work hard to learn, to practice and to devote into journalism. And then, a comprehensive knowledge system with critical thinking is necessary. I always think that compared with technical skills, these are the real core quality of a great journalist. Also, we need a deep understanding to the people and society, as well as a great vision. People are the subject and the key element of journalism. We should not only focus on their small stories, more importantly, great journalists will not stay on the surface, but dig into their small stories. Without a better understanding of them, it seems to be an unrealistic goal.

I find some materials that might be able to answer part of this question. Just “part of”, but it is still useful to some extent.

Insight Into an Outstanding Journalist

The Social Skills of Great Journalists

Five Great Journalists Portfolio and CV Websites

Here is the scripts.

Actually, I don’t think I find a complete and a good answer for this question right now, and I will definitely keep thinking about it.

Something I’m Passionate About…3: Travel

To me, there is always a strong allure in visiting new places, seeing unfamiliar things, encountering unpredictable situations, communicating with different people, and learning fresh knowledge. Then, travel became the best choice that can meet all of these needs and expectations.

Just like many people, I enjoy travelling. I love travelling. I’m a travel-addict.

During the past 22 years, I lived in Beijing, the capital city of China. Because of my love for travelling, I’ve also been to many places in China, such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xiamen, Qingdao, Wuhan, Yichang, Hohhot, Harbin, Jinan and so forth. To some extent, travelling is sort of my lifestyle. It not only enables me to have a better understanding of the people and society, but also provides me with a wider outlook.

China is a huge country with a long history. All together there are 34 province-level administrative units. Every province has its own features, while every city, no matter metropolitan or small town, has its own styles. Travelling in China is really wonderful. From desert to ocean, from forests to mountains, from historical sites to modern cities, you will have a great view of different types of natural sceneries as well as cultural landscape in one country. I always try to take every opportunity to travel around China. The more places I visit, the more fun and beauty I find.

Among all of these cities I once visited, my favorite city is Xiamen. Xiamen is a beautiful coastal city in the southeast of China. It is acknowledged as China’s 2nd most suitable city for living. I fell in love with this beautiful city at the first sight!


Gulangyu Island is the biggest specialty in Xiamen. After British victory in the First Opium War, Xiamen became one of the five “treaty ports” established by the Treaty of Nanjing in 1842. And Gulangyu Island was designated as a secure haven for foreign settlement in 1903. Then more and more Europeans, Japanese and wealthy overseas Chinese came to the tiny island and built lavish mansions, consulates and churches there.

Now, Gulangyu Island has become an extremely popular place among Chinese tourists with its wonderful scenery, beautiful ex-colonial buildings, a variety of special shops and delicious snacks.

Actually, I have just gone to Xiamen last year before I came to the U.S. But I’d love to visit there again!

This summer, after finishing the first session of summer course, I will continue my travelling. This time, I plan to go to Hangzhou and Suzhou—both are renowned cities that famous for great natural sceneries in eastern China. An old Chinese saying declares, “There is heaven above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below.”

When you travel to Hangzhou, West Lake should be your first place to go. Ripping water, misty mountains, and luxuriant vegetation that is dotted with myriad of halls, towers, pavilions, temples, and bridges—West Lake is the paradise for tourists. Great poets in ancient China always compared the West Lake to the most beautiful woman. How beautiful it is!

Suzhou is famous for its great classical gardens.

I really look forward to the coming trip!

Finally, I want to show a place I always dreamed of: Tibet. Several years ago, when I was reading a book about travelling, I was shocked by those amazing pictures of Tibet. Since then, I dreamed of one day travelling around this mysterious land.

I really hope that one day I can make my dream come true.