Something I’m Passionate About…2: Rabbits

Since I was a little girl, I’ve been nourishing the hope of keeping a pet. But my mom was afraid of hairy animals, so she didn’t allow me to have one at home. Two small tortoises and several fish, that’s all my childhood memories of pets. Although I enjoyed feeding them and watching them, I also felt that they are too silent to be pets.

Actually, my favorite animal is rabbits. I’m really passionate about them. I like collecting pictures or toys of various rabbits, I like playing with them, and I really hope I can raise one in the future.

Among all kinds of rabbits, I love the Holland Lop Rabbits most. Originated in the Netherlands, Holland Lop Rabbits are known for their floppy ears, cute faces, compact body, fuzzy fur, sweet temperament and non-aggressive behavior. My best friend Helen owns a white one, and during my time spent with her, I have learned pretty much new things about this kind of cute bunnies.

Not as active as dogs or cats, rabbits, especially the Holland Lop bunnies are a little bit quiet. But it does not mean that they are silent, lazy and boring. In fact, they are really interactive and playful. You can buy them some toys, or just give them a box or something in the house, then you will find them enjoy themselves.

Before this, I thought all the bunnies eat grass and carrots, just like those cartoon rabbits in animations. But actually, Helen often feed her Holland Lop pellets and timothy hay. Of course, vegetables are also necessary. Some people say Holland Lops cannot eat lettuce, but Helen’s bunny can eat a little. We don’t know why, and it seems quite weired… Besides, feeding Holland Lops is interesting since the way they eat looks really funny and cute; however, it is worth noting that people should not over feed them. Due to their small size, obesity is a serious problem that may bring them a lot of troubles in health.

      In short, Holland Lop Rabbits are adorable and naturally friendly. I believe they can be a good pet and also a good friend with people.


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