Something I’m Passionate About…1: Cartoon

Actually, I’m not sure if it is appropriate to post such a childish article on this blog…

I know I’m already a graduate student and my major is Journalism rather than something like Preschool Education.  I should be thoughtful and professional. But, the first idea that occurred to me when I saw the topic of this part is CARTOON.

Yes! As a pink girl who loves all kinds of cute things, I love cartoon.

My favorite cartoon character is Hello Kitty. In a sense, it seems to be a brand rather than a cartoon character. I have no idea about why I like it; maybe the only reason is the little cat is so lovely and cute. When I was shopping even in Wal-Mart, I cannot withdraw my eyes from those things with Hello Kitty: candies, clothes, necklaces and so forth. Sometimes I really wish I’m still a young girl so I can fit myself in those children’s clothing. Just like Sheldon said in The Big Bang Theory: “Men love Bluetooth! Everything is better with Bluetooth!” For me, “Girls love Hello Kitty! Everything is better with Hello Kitty!” ^_^

In fact, cartoon’s great appeal to me is far more than cute dolls or pretty clothing. Various cartoon characters and stories make people feel happy and relax, and more importantly, they also bring people warmth, courage, inspiration and motivation.

Here is one of my favorite cartoon movies: Partly Cloudy(2009) Oscar Best Short Animated Film

Even if the grey cloud (Gus) never make the same cute creatures with other clouds, even if his stork (Peck) should suffer all sorts of trouble because of him, the stork will never abandon him.

It’s about love. It’s about loyality and courage. It’s about friendship.



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